Tips for avoiding housing fraud and scam ads

Latest update: 13 June, 2024


In an ever-growing media world, it is often difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It is not easy to know what to look for and what can be a warning sign. With this text, Rentola hopes to make it a little easier for you to see these alarm bells before it's too late. 

Pictures of the home


A serious advertisement will contain clear and distinct pictures. In today's society, it is easy to come across pictures of homes without having taken them yourself or even owned the home. As well as you want to buy or rent the home, the seller wants to get rid of it. It is advantageous for both of you that the seller posts several and clear pictures of what the home looks like. If an ad contains images of the facade only or shows something that looks like a hotel room, it is a warning bell. Do not forget that you can always contact the contact person and ask for extra pictures if you are unsure!

Contact a verified landlord 

Another tip is to contact a serious landlord who conducts a proper business with rental housing. We received a tip about a site called the Landlord List, where you can easily find contact information for serious landlords around INSERT COUNTRY largest cities. The advantage of contacting the landlords directly is also that you may have priority or a chance at an apartment that will soon be vacant.

The price

Sounds too good to be true? Then it usually is!

You have to try to think logically at a stage like this. Is it likely that an apartment with this location and this standard will be sold / rented out at this price? Are there additional costs that they have chosen not to advertise? A scammer will try to stay below the average market price to attract desperate home seekers. Double check the information before you sign something and rather ask once too much than too little.

Information about the home

A big warning sign is the ad text. If the text is incomplete or in English, you should be careful. If the description is incoherent, it may indicate that it has undergone a spelling program to attract buyers. A person who does not own the home or has even been in it can not describe what it looks like or the surrounding area. It's a pretty simple way to distinguish a fake ad from a real one. Most scammers live abroad and thus want to pretend to rent out / sell their home they have in INSERT COUNTRY. Also pay attention to the description of the home in the contract as they often do not match the home in question.

Address of the home

In most advertisements, the complete address is displayed with the street name, postcode and floor. If the ad lacks any of these, it may be because the home is already occupied or does not exist. If there is a complete address, it is always free to contact those who currently live there to see if they can help with a little more information. 

Contact information for the landlord

Always check that the telephone number you receive goes to the right person. Does the email address feel logical or is it under a different name? Do they speak a language other than that in which the ad is written? All these little things that you may not think about can show signs of a scammer. Check out all the information you get an extra time and rather take the safe before the unsafe. 

Good luck in your search!

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